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3 Product Photography Tips for Amazing Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Dec 8, 2015

Your competitors all have the same boring product shots. Here’s how awesome product shots can get your dynamic remarketing ads noticed.

When every dynamic product ad looks more or less the same, what can you do to stand out? Here are some tips for using your product photos in new and unique ways.

1. Include multiple photo angles in your product feed

Most product ads just feature a single image of the product. Technically, dynamic remarketing ads can easily multiple product photo angles in a single ad. It's just that most retailers don’t provide those extra images in their product feeds or don't care to invest extra effort into ad production – it's easier to just do what everyone else is doing.

When you’re able to feature multiple photo angles, you're offering prospects a more compelling reason to interact with your ads and check out your products. Who doesn't love Zappos' multi-angle photography when buying a pair of shoes online?

Being able to see products from multiple angles allows customers to experience products as if they were buying in-store, and helps remove much of the anxiety around making a purchase.

2. Use transparent backgrounds

Transparent image backgrounds are ideal, because it frees the ad from having that bland, mostly-white look that all dynamic product ads seem to have. With transparent product photos, ads can have more eye-catching background designs and layouts. Transparent product photos are uncommon, so if you can set them up, you'll immediately have something most of your competitors lack.

Note how Best Buy uses a product photo with a transparent background. This allows the product to appear seamlessly against a textured blue background that's not only more visually compelling than a plain white background, but also reinforces the Best Buy brand more effectively.

NOTE: You’ll want to use the 24-bit PNG format, not GIF. GIF will lead to ragged edges around your products, whereas 24-bit PNGs will have smooth edges that will blend against any background color or pattern.

3. Include editorial-style photos in your product feed

When you’re building your library of product shots, your starting point is probably the default "product against blank white background" approach. That's a great starting point if you don’t have the resources for additional product shots.

However, every single one of your competitors has the exact same boring product-on-white-background photos in their ads. Your customers have learned to tune those images out.

Here we can see a standard product shot (left) next to an editorial-style photo (right) of the same product.

You know what your customers aren't seeing very much of? Ads with full-frame shots of products in real-world settings. These can be way more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention it opens up the door to more magazine-like ad units that look less like ads and more like something a customer will actually enjoy and be inspired by.

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