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How to Create a Dynamic Ads Product Feed with Google Sheets

Aug 12, 2016

Using spreadsheets in Google Docs is an effective and simple way to manage product feeds for Dynamic Ads.

Step 1

Create a spreadsheet in Google Docs ( and populate it with your product catalog.

A simple spreadsheet with sample product data.

Step 2

Open the File menu in the upper left and click Publish to the web....

Step 3

A dialog box called Publish to the web will open up. Choose Entire Document (this is the default) and Comma-separated values (.csv) from the two side-by-side menus. In the Published content & settings section, leave all the default settings in place (you can see what these settings should be in the below screenshot).

Then click Publish.

Step 4

In the confirmation dialog that appears, click OK.

Step 5

A final dialog box will appear. Copy the long URL and send it to your account manager. This is the link that the Dynamic Ads platform will use to access your product feed.

Congratulations, you're done!

Keep your product feed updated!

Keep your product feed updated in Google Docs. Any changes you make to your product feed will be automatically fetched by Canned Banners. This includes updated products, deleted products, and new products.

Contact us to learn more about the Canned Banners Dynamic Ads platform.