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How to upload Canned Banners Dynamic Ads to AdWords

Mar 3, 2017

AdWords requirements for third-party ad serving

It's now possible to run Canned Banners Dynamic Ads in AdWords! Learn how it works.

Google AdWords is a great solution for small-to-medium advertisers who want to run custom dynamic ad creative. Using AdWords helps advertisers avoid the high minimums and on-boarding fees of other DSPs.

Fortunately, Canned Banners was certified by Google AdWords back in 2012. We're currently certified on the Vendors List (here) for serving dynamic and HTML5 creatives.

Step 1: Set Up Your Dynamic Ads Campaign with Canned Banners

Canned Banners will develop ad creative for your dynamic remarketing, contextual prospecting, or first-party data activation campaigns.

Once your data has been sync'd to the Canned Banners platform and your creative is ready, you'll be given ad tags that need to be loaded into your AdWords Campaign.

Step 2: Submit your Canned Banners ad tags to AdWords

Getting ads loaded into your campaign is simple. You'll need to fill out a form and submit your ad tags to the AdWords team. The form is here.

AdWords Third Party Tags Implementation Request

Step 3: Run your dynamic creatives

Once your dynamic creatives have been loaded into your Campaign, they can be run just like any other AdWords creatives.

Contact us to learn more about the Canned Banners Dynamic Ads platform.