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Use Your Own Custom HTML5 for Your Dynamic Ads

May 20, 2016

Canned Banners has added a new feature allowing advertisers to provide their own HTML5 ad assets. This is exciting for several reasons:

  • Many advertisers have existing creative they would like to use, and this feature removes the need to convert existing HTML5 creative to Canned Banners’ proprietary format and streamlines the launch process.
  • Advertisers (or their agencies) can now use the HTML5 editor of their choosing.

How does this work?

Produce your own HTML5 ads using any editor you like. Make sure to adhere to common HTML5 standards and guidelines, as well as Canned Banners HTML5 ad guidelines.

When producing and revising your creative, use static placeholder content. Then, when your ads are complete, place Canned Banners Creative Macros where you want dynamic content to be inserted.

HTML5 ad code before insertion of Canned Banners Creative Macros

During production and revision, use placeholder content ("Orange Widget", "$8.99") in your HTML5 ad editor.

HTML5 ad code with Canned Banners Creative Macros

When your ad is finished, replace your placeholder content with Creative Macros. In your live creative, the macros will be populated with dynamic content.

When your HTML5 ad creative is ready, ZIP up the assets and email them to Canned Banners. Your creative will be uploaded into our Dynamic Ads platform for you to preview.

Sample file structure for an HTML5 ad unit

Sample list of HTML5 Dynamic Ad assets.

How will I know which Creative Macros to use?

The Canned Banners team will provide the list of available macros for your campaign.

Are there file size and coding guidelines?

Yes. See the Canned Banners HTML5 guidelines. Generally, if you adhere to the DoubleClick HTML5 ad guidelines and/or IAB HTML5 ad guidelines, you will be fine.

Which tools can I use to produce my HTML5 Dynamic Ad creative?

You can use the HTML5 ad editor or code editor of your choosing. This would include tools like DoubleClick Studio, Google Web Designer, or Adobe Dreamweaver.

It’s recommended to use an HTML5 editor that is specifically designed for display ad production – these tools will help ensure your ad creative satisfies industry standard browser & device support, file size guidelines, and general coding conventions.

Contact us to learn more about the Canned Banners Dynamic Ads platform.