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When dynamic ads need real-time data

December 20, 2016

Three examples showing how real-time data and messaging can have a direct impact on display ad performance.

Up-to-the-minute data doesn't always add value in dynamic ad campaigns — often refreshing data once a day works just fine. But in cases where information changes often and those changes have a significant impact on consumers (e.g., plane ticket pricing), dynamic ads can become a valuable component in a customer's buying process.

Travel booking

Everyone knows that travel pricing is highly dynamic. Hotel rates, plane ticket prices, and last-minute getaways all have prices and availability that vary throughout the course of days, weeks, and months.

You can see in our case study Dynamic Hotel Retargeting that it can be useful to customers to see the best available rate for a hotel room. Including real-time pricing resulted in a 137% CTR increase and a 90% leap in conversion rates.

Dynamic hotel creative

Dynamic hotel booking ad with real-time best available room rate.

Real-time pricing resulted in a 137% CTR increase and a 90% leap in conversion rates.

However, hotel room pricing and availability is dynamic data that is only truly valuable and actionable if it's refreshed multiple times a day.

Travel comparison sites are another case where an advertiser ought to be using retargeting impressions to follow up with customers and provide the latest booking info and best prices. If you're planning a trip from New York to Paris in the Spring and your travel dates are still flexible, then a dynamic retargeting ad with a new booking itinerary that saves you $1,000 is a very compelling ad that is useful to you and that you're likely to click or follow up on.

Mortgage loan rates

The Federal Reserve just raised rates for only the second time in ten years! If you're in the market for a new home or looking to refinance, the latest interest rates are very important — changes can impact a family's finances by thousands of dollars.

A Canned Banners client running mortgage rate ads recently reported that the dynamic ads with real-time mortgage rates outperformed static ads by 300%.

Display ad with real-time mortgage interest rates

Dynamic ad with real-time mortgage interest rates.

Dynamic ads with real-time mortgage rates outperformed static ads by 300%.

Stock trading

If you go to Yahoo! Finance and research a ticker, there's a good chance you will later be retargeted by a dynamic Scottrade ad featuring that ticker and its current performance. Given that people who play the stock market are very interested in price movements, this is compelling information to include in an ad, and gives the user a good reason to click through and take action.

Display ad with real-time stock market data

A Scottrade ad featuring real-time market data.

Even more compelling would be for Scottrade to provide its own custom stock analytics, research, and recommendations along with simple price movements to more clearly connect Scottrade's software with the real-time data contained in the ad.


As you can see, with the right use-case, real-time dynamic ads can be superior to more "traditional" dynamic ads that use non-real-time data sources such as product XML feeds, etc. If you have questions about setting up ads that use real-time data, please contact us and we'll talk.

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